The plant produced by steel-framed modules and racks of sophisticated and simple construction and industrial scaffolding tasks can be.
The average load of facade scaffolding platforms than 2.0 kN / m2, but the number of floors of the field size and width depending on the level of work and the use of special additional elements to 6.0 KN / m2 is available. According to the load it formed a working level size of a floor. produced by the company's non-slip galvanized acélpallók case of extra needs in the load 8.0 kN / m2 load can tolerate.
The scaffolding economy where rapid assembly and disassembly, conversion, simple structure and connection. The switching elements have to be used. bracket for attaching to prevent their loss, the batteries are lightweight, usually a man is able to move them. The breakdown of scaffolding construction, quick, easy to transport. The materials used meet the increased strength requirements, which increases safety.
various fields of industry use these scaffolds. Custom applications: eg. stage equipment, podiums, tribunes construction, halls, buildings for storing equipment etc.

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